what it all means
There's a lot going on at linkdup, this section should help you figure out what everything means and how things work if you haven't already.
favourite A Website --e------
Sites with screen grabs and the small orange 'fav' tabs are the ones we have chosen to spotlight as our 'favourites'.
new Another Site ----f----
update The Web Site --------j
popular Somewhere Online d--------
Other tabs indicate newly added sites, popular ones and sites that have been recently redesigned or overhauled.
  Persons Page d-e------
  Rated Highly --e-f----
  Someone Else ------h-j
The letters represent the technologies the site features. These are Director, Ecommerce, Flash, DHTML and Java.
  The Next One ------h--
  Then Another ----f----
  Then More d-----h--
The key icon locks a site in your own favourite list. If you want to mail the link somewhere, click the envelope.
  X-Ray Web ----f----
  Your Site? ----f-h--
  Zoiks! ----f-h--
Site order - those added in the last month are listed first, then popular ones and finally the rest alphabetically.