linkdup, how it works
'How often do you update?'
'How do I submit sites?'
'How do you pick sites?'
'How are favourites picked?'
'How can you reject my site?'
'How can you judge me?'
'How many fonts do you use?'

'How does linkdup work?'

The link database is updated almost daily, so there are always new links to view, the best of which we pick out, review and call 'favourites'.

Sorry submissions are closed again, and will not reopen until the linkdup backend has been upgraded to handle the strain.

All links are viewed and assessed and are chosen if they match the standard set by more recent ones already here. We realise that the selection process can be subjective but we do try to be fair in all cases.
Content is judged in context, so material that a minority of people may find offensive may be listed occasionally. Sites dealing with adult themes or content will be considered carefully before inclusion, but not ruled outright. However abusive or racist material will not be tolerated.
Sites are now only accepted via email, A valid URL, a short description and category if you want to go in the right section. Also let us know if you've used any plugins. You won't hear back from us, it'll either go in within a week or not, sorry! We get so many sites submitted these days.

Favourites are chosen just before the main monthly update, ensuring as many links as possible can be short-listed and considered before we make our final decision.
If you get a mail informing you your site has been accepted, do check the site again later as it may soon after be nominated as a favourite too.

We get many submissions, so not every site makes it in. Those that have little or no content, appear unfinished or do not work correctly when we check them are rejected immediately.
Consider the category you enter. For example if you submit to the "Flash Toons" category and your site's animations and/or story-lines are poor, don't expect to get in.
Another example - if you are an agency adding your company site, when we visit it we are going to expect to see creativity - not just your rate card. And as an agency you should also appreciate the importance of intuitive navigation, originality and communicating well.

We've been in the business for a while, and so hope we can separate the good from the bad. We're not power-crazed maniacs, we do this for the love of it, try to remember that. Besides, you were willing to trust our judgement enough to want to have your site listed at linkdup... so we'll leave that to you to decide.

Our most asked question - you're a strange lot - go out and meet people or something. If you simply must know or you'll surely die, here's the info you crave...
The main linkdup logo was created by hand but you can get something very similar if you dig around - have a browse of our Font Section for some good stop-off points.
In particular have a look at Miniml for some good selection of pixel fonts. If you want to use Squarehead (the pixel category header font we use), it's available from Shyfonts. We now use Sevenet which is far easier to read and can be got from the nice people at Fountain
Please don't ask us to mail any fonts to to you because we won't. Go grab them yourselves, and tell them we sent you with love!

Linkdup is built upon a customised version of Links 2.0 from Gossamer Threads. It's a flexible links system supported by a helpful community of developers, many of whom have helped - directly and indirectly - to make linkdup what it is today.